DamonGroup services allow you to concentrate on your business

DamonGroup offers a wide range of business services tailored to your business' needs. These services are basic business necessities and DamonGroup understands the need to get the job done right for your business.

Tailored solutions:

Business services to serve your needs

There are many ways to manage your bookkeeping, technology and other business service needs. DamonGroup can help you insure these services are selected and tailored to your needs - rather than changing the way you do business just to conform to the standard way the process or software done it.

This can be accomplished without compromising legal and accounting requirements - at least in most cases. Where your business practices may need to change to meet outside requirements, DamonGroup can help demonstrate the optimal practice as well as the rationale for the decision

Experience in the real world

Since 1985 DamonGroup has served a select clientèle of high net-worth individuals as well as businesses with bookkeeping, payroll, accounting support and planning. Our consistent care, attention to detail and personal approach has insured our clients' continued confidence. Expanding into technology and other consulting has been a natural evolution as our clients' needs have grown.

DamonGroup is proud of the relationships it has built and maintained over these years.

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E-mail: Sales@DamonGroup.com

Old fashioned accounting principles with a modern delivery.

Locations served:

DamonGroup is currently serving Wilton, Ridgefield and Westport in Fairfield County, Connecticut

and St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands